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X ray bed whether to choose a film car

Recently, a medical equipment company asked about the height of the x ray bed of our company. The customer had cooperated many times before.
The first salesperson recommended is a mobile x ray bed, under the bed there is a cart with a flat-panel detector. The basic parameters are: length 2020mm*width 725mm*height 700mm, the bed surface is 70cm above the ground, and the bottom of the film cart is 53cm above the ground. The customer equipment equipped with the DR flat panel detector can be installed above the film cart and can be moved left and right. The height of the flat panel detector from the ground is 64cm. If you calculate it according to this height, you cannot use our x ray bed with a film cart. What is needed is an x ​​ray bed without a film cart.
The height of this x ray bed from the ground is 66.5CM, which just meets the requirements of customers. This x ray bed has two wheel brake and lock wheels, which is convenient for the doctor’s fixed operation. The bed can be equipped with c-arm or u-arm x-ray machine equipment, and the price is very affordable. The size of this bed is relatively large. Can meet the needs of most users.
For domestic customers, the entire x ray bed is usually packaged and shipped directly, which can avoid the complexity of delivery and installation. We use the most careful packaging method to ensure that the equipment will not be damaged during transportation.

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