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X ray radiology table four-way floating

X ray radiology table four-way floating
X radiology table developed and manufactured by Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
X Ray Radiology Table nk-t15 adopts world-class 50KW, 50KHz inverter high-pressure generator.The high pressure output is stable and can greatly reduce the production of soft X-ray, which can not only guarantee the quality of image, but also greatly reduce the radiation injury to doctors and patients.This system USES the integrated central control screen for control.Advanced APR (part procedure photography) can pre-store up to 245 cast parts and photographic conditions.Professional X Ray radiology table, compared with the simple photographic flat bed used by some other manufacturers, the flat bed we use is more professional, with lower X-ray absorption and clearer images.The nk-t15x Ray radiology table and four-way floating made by Newheek are mainly used for photographing human bodies, which cannot perform the fluoroscopy technical parameters. Usually, foot brake is used to control the bed surface movement, through the improvement of Newheek, infrared induction and electromagnetic locking.

T15 radiology table


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