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Why choose Newheek as the operation table with x-ray suppliers?

Newheek is the medical x ray table with x-ray suppliers, specialized in x ray components and x ray machine for 22 years.

Newheek is an operation table with X-ray suppliers. He has been engaged in X-ray machine parts and X-ray machines for 20 years.

Our simple operation tables are mainly classified as with Bucky and without Bucky. They all belong to the movable medical x ray bed. Compared with the density plate, they have obvious advantages in material. The material is mainly plexiglass. It can clearly see the location of Bucky or X-ray machine Bucky corresponding to the wiring harness, and can be easily positioned for shooting.

At the same time, we set foot brakes on the mobile wheels, which can be easily fixed, photographed, and prevented bed movement caused by mistakenly touching or uneven ground.

Newheek can provide you with more professional services.

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