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What types of x ray beds are there?

The X ray bed is mainly used for positioning the patient and cooperating with the X-ray machine to perform special medical equipment accessories for filming.
When using an X-ray machine for filming, the correct positioning is very important. If there is no filming bed, it is difficult for the patient to achieve the correct positioning, which may lead to a decline in the quality of the filming.
There are many types of filming beds, which can be divided into various types according to different classification standards. According to whether it can be moved, it can be divided into fixed photography bed and mobile photography bed; according to the power mode, it can be divided into manual photography bed and electric photography bed; according to the shooting object, it can be divided into medical filming bed and veterinary filming bed.
For the medical X-ray bed, it is very convenient to take X-ray examinations on the patient’s limbs, lumbar spine, pelvic cavity and other parts through the operation of the X-ray machine and the X-ray bed. It greatly facilitates the operation difficulty of patients and doctors, and also helps to improve the imaging quality of filming. It has been more and more welcomed and popularized by hospitals at all levels.

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