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What kind of Filmbed does Newheek have for portable use?

Medical X ray table packaging and transportation

Newheek has a variety of filmbed, medical x-ray table, veterinary x-ray table, which are very popular. Today I’m talking about the medical filmbed.

Recently, many clients have consulted our medical filmbed, but they are also concerned about whether our filmbed can match their X-ray machine.

We have many kinds of filmbed. There are simple filmbed that can be used with X-ray machines. There are also four-way floating filmbed that can be assembled into X-ray machines.

So what kind of filmbed can be used with portable X-ray machine?

We highly recommend our simple filmbed. There are two main types of simple filmbed, one with a bucky tray, which can hold CR, DR, cassette, etc. The size can be chosen 14 “x17” or 17 “x17”. We can customize it according to customer’s requirements.

For portable X-ray machines, we recommend a filmbed with a bucky tray.

If you are interested in our filmbed, please feel free to contact us.


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