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What is the role of the photographic flat bed?

Speaking of the photography flat bedmedical-X-ray-table, some people still don’t know what he does. The photography flat bed is an accessory that mainly serves the X-ray machine. This phenomenon is usually encountered when filming in the hospital. It is usually inconvenient for many patients in lying position to film. Move the bed to the radiology department to take pictures, and once you have the photography flat bed, you can use it directly in the ward with the bedside X-ray machine.
The photographic flat bed is equipped with an IP board that can be used to place a flat panel detector or a cassette or CR. The bed surface adopts a transparent acrylic bed plate for better centering. The photographic flat bed has four-way steering wheels, which can be pushed to a fixed shooting position. The wheel hub has a locking function, which can be fixed by stepping on it. The current mobile DR and bedside X-ray machines can be used together.


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