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What is the main use of x ray bed?

The x ray bed is also called the photographic flat bed. It is used in conjunction with the X-ray machine and is an important medical device in the radiology department. The bucky stand is used to detect the human body in a vertical position, and the x ray bed is used to take pictures in the lying position. The surface of the most commonly used x ray bed is made of acrylic material, which has good light transmission and is easy to focus during shooting, and the x ray bed is equipped with movable wheels for easy movement.
We in Newheek produce all kinds of x ray beds. The most popular ones are simple x ray beds and cassette x ray beds. Simple x ray beds are mainly used with U-arm X-ray machines, with cassettes. The type x ray bed is mainly used with mobile and portable DR X-ray machines. There are also a variety of x ray beds for you to choose from. Please leave a message or email for consultation.



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