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What is Newheek radiology table features?

Newheek Radiology table, I hope to meet your specific needs.
Newheek brings a new radiology table to the market to meet the growing demand for busy practice that requires the power and precision of the patients served. Our Newheek provides patients with an adjustable, ergonomic radiology table.
veterinary x ray table of newheekMedical X ray table classification introduction
The Newheek radiology table features up to 4 height and tilt controls that move the patient to the exact position you need.

We meet the special needs of radiologists and their patients by attaching the functions we want to the radiology table.
We make tables to handle the everyday use and abuse seen in today’s modern radiology offices. We have loaded these features to make this particular form the most useful and versatile for radiologists.

With a very specific set of requirements, you will be able to meet the needs of a large number of patients, and each patient can handle each patient. time.
Let’s take a look at the specific parameters of one of the new radiology tables of Newheek.


(1) Table surface size: 2020mmx800mm
(2) Table surface material: plexiglass
(3) Table surface lock: foot switch
(4) Table surface movement: manual
      Table surface vertical travel: 450mm±20mm
      Table surface horizontal travel: 250mm±10mm
(5) Table lifting travel 200mm (electric)
      Table lowest position 705mm±10mm
      Table highest position 905 mm±10mm

Provide the flexibility of the Newheek radiology table for your operating room.


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