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What are the structure and types of film beds?

The film bed of the Newheek brand is divided into medical and pet film beds, and the film bed is used for X-ray diagnosis.

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There are 5 kinds of medical film beds, namely: NK-T15 photography flat bed, film bed (without film box), film bed (with film box), mobile flat bed (NK-T1, NK-T2, NK-T3), Four-way floating film bed.

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Among them, the four-way floating photography flat bed is an integrated photography flat bed, which is fully functional and easy to use. It is a film bed that is popular among thin customers.

These four models of film beds can be used for standing, lying, lateral photography, and kV photography on the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, etc. of hospitals at all levels. It can also be used for large and medium-sized hospitals for X-ray diagnosis, for scientific research and teaching use in medical research institutes and medical colleges.


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