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What are the advantages of Newheek’s veterinary x ray table

Newheek has newly launched a veterinary x ray table, which is very suitable for shooting small animals. Our veterinary table has the following advantages. Take a look.
1. Veterinary x ray table multiple milliampere levels: There are multiple milliampere level X-ray machines on one instrument, which can be used for both large and small animals, which is equivalent to the functions of two X-ray machines of similar products . 50mA is used for small animals, 100mA is used for larger animals;
2. Veterinary x ray table integrated tube rack: The integrated tube rack can pass through the entire floating table. At the same time, the tube can be rotated at a maximum of 90 degrees, reducing the operator’s frequent changes to the animal’s position and greatly improving work efficiency;
3. Veterinary x ray table excellent image quality: X-ray machine for animals, high-quality image quality products unanimously praised by global zoologists, making it easier to diagnose subtle lesions;
4. Veterinary x ray table continuous upgrade function: The host has a standard DICOM interface, which is convenient for users to upgrade to a CR or DR system at any time, keeping up with the process of X-ray image digitization.

What are the characteristics of Newheek's pet veterinary x ray table


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