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What are the advantages of Newheek x ray table?

X ray tables are currently used more and more, mainly for people to do filming inspections. Let’s take a look at what advantages the x ray tables have:
1. The x ray table there are some functions of automatic protection and fault code prompt, which are more safe and reliable to use.
2. The rx ray table can float in any direction and is electromagnetically braked for more convenient and accurate patient positioning.
3. The X-ray generator assembly can be rotated around the axis of the X-ray generator, the axis of the cross arm and the column support rotates, and the lateral oblique projection is convenient, and the photography on the patient’s stretcher.
4. Optional X-ray buck stand to meet the head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, peripheral and peripheral standing photography inspections and other parts.
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Advantages of medical X ray table


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