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What are Newheek’s operating beds for pets?

How to choose a vet table

Newheek has four main models types of operating beds for pets, including four-way operating beds, two simple operating beds and movable operating beds.

Today we are talking about our four-way veterinary x ray table. This operating bed belongs to a fixed operating bed. The table and the pillar can be separated. Our bed surface can move in four directions horizontally and vertically by foot switch control after power is turned on. With Bucky, you can hold cassettes, CR IP boards, and DR flat panel detectors. The cartridge can also be moved to facilitate positioning.

Our table height can be easily operated by operators or fixed by pets.

At the same time, our operating bed can also be used with portable X-ray machines, mobile X-ray machines and other X-ray machines.

Application of the veterinary X ray table

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