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Veterinary x ray table is configured for pet X-ray machines

The veterinary X-ray table is a major component of pet X-ray machines. And our pet bed can be used with any configuration. The head of the digital X-ray machine for animal can be moved, the red light is adopted to the center technology, and the pet bed is equipped with convenient operation and accurate positioning.With the X-ray tube assembly moving up and down and along the bed surface of the X-ray table, photographic positioning is more convenient. The use of contactless switching elements, images without flicker, photography without mechanical noise, do not distract the pet energy.
Veterinary x ray table is configured for pet X ray machines
No sky rail, ground rail integration of the bed body, installation is more simple.Wireless remote control technology can be used, no direction, remote control distance is not less than 10 meters. Low MA, low ionizing radiation, green environmental protection, widely used in pet hospitals.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table has a wide range of types with fixed, mobile and four-way floating x ray tables.
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