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Veterinary X-ray table for X-ray machines

Newheek veterinary X-ray table can be used in pet medical institutions such as pet hospital radiology room and pet clinic to meet the requirements for photography of all parts of pets with different body types.
Veterinary X-ray table is an important part of veterinary X-ray machines and a small veterinary X-ray table is an X-ray examination instrument for domestic pets or animals in veterinary stations and is a multi-functional medical equipment. Animal X – ray machine and human X – ray machine principle is the same, X-ray, belong to ionizing radiation.
Advantages of X-ray machine for animal include:
1. Quick and short time imaging, higher work efficiency, no need to wash the film, direct computer imaging.
2. With multiple functions of automatic protection and fault prompt, it is more safe and reliable to use.
3. The shooting mode specially developed for animals is simple and clear in operation, safe and convenient in use.
4. The bed surface with veterinary X-ray table can float in front, back, right and left directions with electromagnetic braking to make positioning more convenient and accurate.
5, near the table graphical color LCD touch screen, with remote control exposure control mode, greatly reduce radiation, more safe for environmental protection and operators.
The Newheek veterinary x ray table has a wide range of types with fixed, mobile and four-way floating x ray tables.And there are veterinary X-ray tables with and without Bucky, and our bedding materials can be customized with or without Bucky.
Newheek veterinary X-ray table can meet your different purchase requirements.

What kind of small animal is the veterinary x ray table photography suitable for


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