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Veterinary photography flat table designed for small animals

Now more and more X-ray machines are becoming popular, and there are more and more products designed for small animals. Today we will take a look at the veterinary photography flat table specially designed for small animals.
Our veterinary photography flat bed is specially designed for shooting small animals. The bed surface material is acrylic board. The bed surface size is 1360mm*720mm, the bed surface height is 830mm, and the column height is 1910mm. It can be used with portable machines or ball tubes, and the bed surface is horizontal. The moving distance is 260mm, the vertical moving distance of the bed surface is 120mm, and the bed surface can float in four directions. The overall size of the photography flat bed is 1360mm*720mm*1910mm, which is convenient for shooting small animals on the bed. The photography flat bed has a film box, which can hold flat-panel detectors and IP plates of different sizes.
The characteristics of our veterinary photography flat bed are:
Specially designed for animal photography, easy to operate.
The integrated design of the whole machine occupies a small area and is suitable for small veterinary hospitals.
It can be equipped with Korean aluminum-based dense-grain fixed grid, and the image is clearer.
Floating bed surface, electromagnetic locking.
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