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Use of vet table

Vet table is an important part of pet X-ray machine. Pet DR is a digital X-ray examination for pet X-ray photography.
Pet DR consists of five major components, digital X-ray detector, high voltage generator, ball tube,
veterinary x ray table and pet dedicated DR workstation software.Vet table a device that connects a rack, a digital X-ray detector and a ball tube to work together.
Use of vet table
The vet table has a front, rear, right and left four-way floating surface and electromagnetic braking, making positioning more convenient and accurate.
Newheek pet beds are divided into various types, including with and without piece boxes, stationary and mobile.
The Newheek four-way floating vet table is composed of two parts: the column and the bed body, and then the foot brake, the chip box and the power supply.Also can be infrared induction electromagnetic lock, can be customized according to your needs.
Our vet table can meet your different procurement needs.


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