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Use of medical x ray floating table

medical x ray floating table
The floating electromagnetic brake of the medical x ray floating table facilitates patient positioning. Ordinary photography of the human head, chest and other parts in standing and lying positions.
Medical x ray floating table, the table surface can be raised and lowered, and the table surface can float in four directions. Realize clinical photography without dead ends. Large size 14 “X17”, 17 “X17” wired mobile flat panel detector. High-power high-performance high-frequency high-voltage generator. DR photography at the table side of the ward can be realized.
The column and the table are integrated to reduce the occupied space and facilitate installation, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.
The table surface device of the medical x ray floating table has a double-layer structure, the upper layer is a longitudinally movable table frame, and the lower layer is a horizontally movable bed frame. The movement of the vertical and horizontal bed frame is supported by rolling bearings, which is light and stable.
Under normal circumstances, the x ray floating table is controlled by a foot brake with electromagnetic brake, which has a large braking force and is controlled by a normally closed foot switch, but the foot brake sometimes trips the doctor. Therefore, our medical x ray table has been improved by infrared induction and electromagnetic locking. It is convenient for the doctor’s work, and the operation is flexible and light.
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