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With over 6 million cases worldwide, Merkel refused to participate in the G7 summit

World Health Organization: As of 10:00 on the 30th of European Central Time (16:00 on the 30th of Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases of new crowns in the world increased by 116048 cases from the previous day, with a cumulative total of 5817385 cases; 362705 cases.
Johns Hopkins University of the United States: As of 16:32 on the 30th of Eastern Time (as of 4:32 on the 31st of Beijing time), there were 6003762 confirmed cases worldwide and 367356 deaths. The United States is the country with the worst epidemic in the world, with a total of 1,766,671 confirmed cases and 103,605 deaths.
German government spokesman Seibert said in Berlin on the 30th that in view of the current new crown epidemic, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not go to the United States to participate in the G7 summit. Saibet also said that Merkel will continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic to reassess the situation.
The Uzbekistan Special Committee for Epidemic Prevention and Control decided on the 30th that it would extend the current epidemic prevention measures until June 15, while further relaxing restrictions in low-risk areas and allowing more industries to resume production.
According to statistics from the Japan Broadcasting Association, as of 19:00 on the 30th (18:00 Beijing time), 14 new cases were confirmed in Tokyo today. After Tokyo ’s emergency was lifted, newly diagnosed cases reached double digits for 5 consecutive days, and a total of 5,231 cases were diagnosed.
Russian Health Minister Murashko said on the 30th that the new crown vaccine developed by Russia will start clinical trials in about two weeks. Volunteers involved in clinical trials have been recruited.
Qatar’s Ministry of Health said on the 30th that 5091 people were tested for new coronavirus on that day, and 2355 new cases were confirmed, a new high for a single day. Among them, migrant workers accounted for the majority.
The Chinese Anti-epidemic Medical Expert Group held a working meeting with the Peruvian Anti-New Crown Action Group on the 29th to assist the Peruvian side in improving anti-epidemic measures.

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