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The number of patients with pneumonia is gradually decreasing

According to the latest report, a total of 13 cases of coronary pneumonia in Wuhan have been added, but there has been no increase in other regions outside Hubei. It is believed that this number will soon become zero. From January 24th, after more than a month of hard work by the Chinese people, we have basically defeated the pneumonia virus. The decisive isolation and protection measures taken by the Chinese people have made correct demonstrations to prevent the rapid spread of the virus. From the discovery of the virus, the medical supplies in various places were urgently deployed. Our company’s X-ray machines,bucky stand, hand switches, and medical x ray tables were also urgently sent to major hospitals, providing a powerful tool for the people in the country to fight the virus. It won’t be long, we won’t have to wear a mask, let’s enjoy spring in time!



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