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The Italian customer ordered a batch of x ray beds

Chinese President xi jinping and Italian President roberto mattarella sent congratulatory letters to congratulate the opening of the 2020 year of Italian culture and tourism in Rome, Italy.

Mattarella said in his letter that the friendship between Italy and China goes back to ancient times. The two peoples were the main actors of exchanges between different nationalities and regions on the ancient silk road, and they always respect and appreciate each other.In today’s increasingly complex world, we need to recognize the value of interdependence and mutually beneficial cooperation, promote high-quality people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and work together to meet future challenges.

Our company has been doing business with Italy all year round, and we export a lot of X-ray equipment, including  U arm,HV cable,Grids,Medical bed,Bucky stand,Collimator,DR FPD,Generator,Switch,Image imtensifier and so on.


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