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The function of each part of the four-way floating x ray table

The floating electromagnetic brake on the bed surface of the filming bed is convenient for patient positioning. It can be used in conjunction with x-ray generators, film holders, etc., and can be used for general photography of human head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones, etc. in vertical, horizontal, and lateral positions.

(1) Floating foot switch on the bed surface: The foot switch can be moved by pressing the foot brake micro switch; when adjusting the position of the bed surface, the foot brake is locked after unlocking;

(2) Bed foundation: supporting bed surface;

(3) Bed board: used for patients to lie down;

(4) Photo frame: used to place film;

(5) Column: used to support the horizontal arm of the tube, tube, and beam limiter;

(6) Beam limiter: adjust the exposure field of view;

(7) Controller: Control the up, down, left and right movement of the column;

(8) Bulb: used for X-ray emission after exposure;

(9) Bulb cross arm: used to support the bulb and beam limiter;

(10) Fixing pin: used to fix the horizontal arm track of the tube;

(11) Column rotation stop: used to control column rotation.



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