Medical X-ray Table Manufacturer

Newheek is a professional X-ray machine accessories and supporting products company, but also a production, sales, after-sales service in one of the high-tech enterprises. The main products of newheek include Medical X-ray Table , Veterinary X-ray Table, Simple X-ray Table, Mobile X-ray Table, Bucky X-ray Table, Floating X-ray Table, C Arm Table, U Arm Table, RF X-ray Fluoroscopy Table, Four Way Floating X-ray Table, Six Way Floating X-ray Table, and also Floating Veterinary X-ray Table. The medical X-ray table produced by newheek can be divided into three kinds from the material: Plexiglass, Carbon Fiber or Medium Density Fiberboard.       Newheek medical X-ray table can be matched with different radiography equipment, such as C arm machine, Mobile X-ray, Uc-arm machine etc. Veterinary X-ray table and medical X-ray table simple also can be used on vet X-ray unit.


Medical X-ray Table

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