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Specific introduction of pet X ray radiology  table

On May 12, Beijing time, according to the “Los Angeles Times”, when 9 people including the Lakers’ famous Kobe Bryant were killed in a helicopter crash in January this year, Vanessa sued the helicopter company and the pilot. Recently, the family of pilot Ara Zobaya took a bite in response to the complaint, saying that Kobe clearly knew that there was a risk of helicopter flying in an environment with bad weather.

When Kobe and nine others were killed in January of this year, his widow, Vanessa, sued the helicopter company and pilot Ara Zobaya who also died, saying that Ara neglected his duties.

Recently, Ara Zobaya’s brother said in his response that Kobe clearly knew that helicopters had risks in flying in an environment with bad weather.

“Any injuries suffered by the plaintiffs and their family members of the deceased were directly caused by their negligence, including their knowledge of the risks involved. Such negligence is an important factor leading to this accident, so the defendant does not Should bear any responsibility. “Ara Zobaya’s brother Berge Zobayan wrote in the response.

· Integrated machine design, small footprint, easy installation, especially suitable for small pet clinics.
· Floating bed surface design, the bed surface can be moved arbitrarily in front, back, left and right directions, and there is an electromagnetic lock device controlled by foot brake. It is convenient to position the animal and aim at the shooting part.
· The X-ray tube head can be rotated around ± 180 ° around the center of the arm, which is convenient for the doctor to position the animal at an angle, take a lateral photo and take a special angle photo Thus, an ideal diagnostic image is obtained.
· The standard length of the bed surface is 1.2 meters. In order to meet the needs of different customers, bed panels with specifications of 1.5 meters and 2 meters in length can be customized according to customer requirements.
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