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Spanish customers want to find replaceable medical x ray table

Today I received a call from a customer in Spain, saying that they wanted to find a medical x ray table for photography to replace their previous one. The customer saw our company’s products on our official website and decided to ask us. The customer is purchasing a medical x ray table for the hospital. He ask us what the size of the medical x ray table is. The responding customer is 2020mm*800mm*690mm. The customer asks this medical x ray table is composed of several parts. The replying customer is the foot switch and the bed base. , Camera, bed panel, column,x ray collimator, controller, tube, tube cross arm, fixed nail, column rotation stop and other parts.
The customer also asked what material the bed surface of this medical x ray table was made of, and answered that the customer had plexiglass and acrylic panels. So, what is the difference between plexiglass and glass? Because this material has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance; long life, compared with other materials, the life is longer than three years. Good light transmission, saving electricity. Strong impact resistance, 16 times that of ordinary glass. Light weight, low load on buildings and supports. It has strong plasticity, large changes in shape, and easy processing. The high recyclability rate is recognized by the increasing awareness of environmental protection. Easy to maintain and easy to clean, just scrub with soap and soft cloth.

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