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South African customer inquired about medical x ray table

A South African customer asked about medical x ray tables for a local health hospital. Today we will share with you our 3 best-selling medical x ray tables.
The NKPIIIA2 type is the simplest one. The bed surface is made of plexiglass. There are three colors of transparent, white and blue. The color surface size is 2020 mm x 800 mm x 690 mm. Equipped with high-strength anti-winding and silent medical wheels, two of which have wheel positioning and locking functions when working.
NKPIIIA1 type is a 500mm reversible film box more than NKPIIIA 2. It can add flat panel detector, cassette film or IP board for CR when working.
NKPIVC type is a six-way floating table, the bed surface is plexiglass. The bed size is 2020mm*800mm, the vertical stroke of the bed is 450mm, the horizontal stroke of the bed is 250mm, and the lifting stroke is 200mm.
If you are interested in our medical x ray table, please feel free to contact us.

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