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Six-way floating diagnostic bed

Diagnostic bed, an important component of X-ray machine, is one of the important components for human body photography and photography.
Newheek x ray table is divided into several types. Divided into fixed, mobile, four-way floating and six-way floating diagnostic bed. Recently, many customers are interested in our six-way diagnostic bed.
The six-way floating diagnostic bed can be up and down, controlled by a foot brake or infrared sensor.
And Newheek diagnostic bed panel material is divided into plexiglass, carbon fiber and density plate.
Six-way-floating diagnostic bed
The X-ray radiation medical bed panel made of carbon fiber composite material has many advantages, such as high imaging quality, high intensity, strong fatigue resistance, light weight and so on. The material itself has good X-ray transmittance, which can effectively reduce the harm of radiation to patients.In addition, we can also accept customized services.
Newheek diagnostic bed can meet your different purchasing needs.


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