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Simple X-ray table

In recent days, customers have inquired about the simple X-ray table. We have made a brief introduction for the customer. The bed surface of this simple X-ray table is fixed, and the structure is relatively better than the six-way floating bed and the four-way floating bed. Simple, so it is called a simple X-ray table.
This simple X-ray table has four silent wheels, two of which are universal wheels and two are brake wheels, which are convenient for moving and fixing during filming. The bed panel is divided into density board, plexiglass and carbon fiber materials, which can be customized according to customer needs. If the customer wants to use it with a flat panel detector or a film cassette, it can also be equipped with a removable film holder.
This simple X-ray table can be adapted to a variety of X-ray filming equipment such as U-arm X-ray machines, sickle-arm X-ray machines, and double-column X-ray machines. If you are also interested in X-ray table, please call for consultation.

Introduction to bucky medical X ray table


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