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Simple veterinary X-ray table features

Simple veterinary X-ray table with front and rear four direction floating and electromagnetic braking makes positioning more convenient and accurate and operation easier and image clearer.
What are the requirements for the medical x ray table for the U-arm
Fixed veterinary X-ray table panels are for animals (no scratches) and with DR detectors for installation. Electromagnetic floating Fixed veterinary X-ray table surface, no need to move the pet can be adjusted to the best location.
Fixed veterinary X ray table features
Pet machine consists of generator, ball tube, microcomputer control, veterinary X-ray table and beam limiting device.
It is widely used in pet animal clinics. Pet hospitals have the advantages of small space occupation, low radiation and low requirements for power supply.
Pet X-ray machine adopts manual control, remote control double control mode exposure, wireless exposure mode can be away from the source, easy to operate, protect the staff.


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