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Shandong customer inquiry Radiology x ray table

Shandong customers saw the Radiology x ray table promoted by our company on the website of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and called for consultation. We learned that the customer is a manufacturer of hospital beds and operating beds. Now there are customers who need a filming bed, ask us Does the company have a suitable style recommendation?
We first confirmed to the customer whether it is for export or domestic hospital use, and what X-ray machine to use with it. The customer replied that domestic users should use C-arm X-ray machine, and sent the product parameter requirements provided by the user. According to the parameters provided by the customer, we recommend the hydraulic lifting bed, and introduce to the customer that this filming bed is a special bed for the C-arm X-ray machine. The bed board can be raised and lowered, and different angles can be adjusted. However, the parameters sent by the customer feedback require that the bed surface can be floated in four directions, and other functions are satisfied. I explained to the customer that because this filming bed is equipped with casters, the filming bed can be moved as a whole, so the function of whether the bed board can be moved is possible. No, the customer said that he understands it, and he will recommend it to the user.
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