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Repair of medical flat table for X ray radiology table

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A few days ago, a dealer asked if the panel of the X ray radiology table could be replaced? The Table length of the X ray radiology table in the radiology department: 195.2cm width: 54.3cm thickness: 3cm, customer sent pictures. Tell us that our whole bed can be sold, but if we simply change the panel, our existing size and the original one are not suitable.
The hospital needs to change the table panel, because it is not far away, let our company give a quotation and on-site installation, ask the customer about the table surface material, it is not clear, the thickness of the board is wrong, the customer means that can be replaced? It is necessary to confirm the material of the table surface, and then at a special time, the on-site installation is also very troublesome, and the budget is not high.
Finally, our engineers came to check the damage of the flat table of the X ray radiology table, and finally learned that we will replace the table panel, but the panel needs an additional frame. Finally, the hospital buyer and our company sign a contract, because it is a specially customized size for The delivery date may be longer.


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