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Qatari customers inquire about pet beds

A Qatari customer inquired about the pet x ray table of Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and wanted to adapt to his existing portable X-ray machine. He showed the customer our bed. He thought it was very good, and he felt it was very suitable after the quotation. Later, after confirming the details with the customer, I found out that the portable machine they used is ULTRA, which is relatively narrow, which may not match the place where the machine head is hung on our bed. Our general size is suitable for 20cm, but it is a pity that the customer’s portable machine is only 20cm. It’s a little big, but the customer can’t find a suitable bed. In fact, our bed can be remodeled, but we need to confirm more sizes with the customer, and we are still communicating…
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