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Prices for radiography tables with C-arm x-ray machine

Generally speaking, ordinary radiography tables are mainly matched with ordinary X-ray machines and DR filming machines, and the height of C-arm machines is generally not suitable, and a special table is required. Our company has developed a table for the C-arm—hydraulic table. The plexiglass countertop is adopted, the ultra-quiet wheel corners, and the wheel corners can be locked. After locking, it will not move and can be moved after unlocking. The countertop can be raised and lowered. It perfectly solves the problem of height mismatch between ordinary table and C-arm.
The radiography table use:
This product is suitable for standing, lying, lateral and kilovolt photography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the human body in hospitals at all levels. It can be used in conjunction with X-ray generators and radiators. The C-arm table is a kind of radiography table. When using the C-arm X-ray machine, it is used to let the patient lie on the table for shooting, or for surgical treatment.
The difference between the C-arm filming table and the ordinary X-ray filming table is that they are special equipment for X-rays, and there are two styles of mobile and fixed. The difference between the C-arm table and the ordinary table is that its countertop can be lifted up and down. The height of the ordinary X-ray table is convenient for patients to go up and down. Height adjustable table height. Generally speaking, the minimum height of the countertop of the C-arm X-ray machine is higher than that of the ordinary X-ray machine, because the image receiving end of the C-arm X-ray machine, the image intensifier or the dynamic flat panel detector need to be extended under the countertop, if the height is not enough It is easy to cause bumps or damage to the equipment.
The above is the introduction of the C-arm X-ray table. Our company provides a variety of styles of radiography table. If you need it, please consult us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email: service@newheek.com.


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