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Polish customer consultation photography flat bed

The faculty and staff of a university in Poland sent an e-mail consultation when they saw the photography flat bed advertised by our company on our company website. The customer said that he needed to purchase a photography flat bed with wheels and a film cart. On the website, he saw that our company NK-T2 plexiglass bed surface photography flat bed matched their needs, and it was shipped to Poland or the United States and asked for a quotation. .
We explain to customers that NK-T2 is our old model name. Now this model is NKPIIIA1, and the product photos are sent as follows, and the product parameters are sent to the customer to confirm whether it is this one. And explain to customers that this photographic flat bed has a film cart, 4 universal wheels, and the bed surface is made of transparent acrylic material, which is plexiglass, which meets their needs. After reporting the ex-factory price to the customer, it is recommended that the customer determine the final harvest address before calculating the freight for them.

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