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Poland Customer Consult Photography X-ray Table

Recently, a Poland customer consulted a local health care hospital about mobile X-ray tables for photography. Today, I would like to introduce three type of our best-selling mobile X-ray tables.

NKPIIIA2 mobile X-ray table is the simplest one. The table surface is made of plexiglass, which is available in three colors: transparent, white and blue. The table size is 2020 mm x 800 mm x 690 mm. It is equipped with high-strength anti winding silent medical wheels, two of which have locking function and can be positioned by four wheels.

Compared with NKPIIIA2, NKPIIIA1 mobile X-ray table has a 500 mm flip cassette. During operation, it can be connected to detector, cassette film or CR IP.

NKPIVC mobile X-ray table is a kind of six direction moving bed with plexiglass on the bed surface. The surface dimension is 2020mm * 800mm, the vertical stroke is 450mm, the horizontal stroke is 250mm and the lifting stroke is 200mm.
three type of newheek best-selling mobile X-ray tables
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