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Plexiglas X ray radiology table

Research indicates that humans produce only one type of new corona antibody, while alpaca produces two types of new corona antibodies, one of which is similar to human antibodies in size and composition, but the other antibody is much smaller. A smaller antibody is more effective in eliminating the new coronavirus.

“New York Times” article pointed out that for a long time, scientists have been studying alpaca antibodies. In the past decade, scientists have used antibodies produced by alpaca in the study of AIDS and influenza, and found that the antibodies of alpaca have a good therapeutic effect on these two viruses.

The researchers hope that the antibodies produced by the alpaca will eventually be used for preventive treatment, that is, to inject new alpaca antibodies into people who have not yet been infected with the new coronavirus to protect them from new coronavirus infections. , So as to protect them from being infected by patients during the treatment of patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Today, a customer consulted a X ray radiology table and said that it was a photo sent by the hospital. We would like to send it to WeChat to show me the year. The picture shows a plexiglass mobile bed. The client said that they provided a bed to the hospital, but not The organic glass was returned. Tell us that our company can customize plexiglass. There are trucks with and without trucks under the bed. Are there any requirements for the size of the bed? The information is not available for the time being, our company’s data parameters are given to customers.
If you have a similar bed that needs to be customized, please call us.



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