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Pick up the examination bed purchase suggestions

There are many types of Newheek medical examination bed. How to choose the right examination bed?
The Newheek brand examination bed has two kinds of examination bed for medical purposes and film beds for pets.
Today, the focus is on the examination bed used for human body shooting.
First, Newheek has an ordinary examination bed, which is divided into cassette boxes and no cassette boxes. There are three types of movable film bed, NK-T1, NK-T2, NK-T3, the difference is that the mesa material is different, density plate, plexiglass and carbon fiber three materials.
A relatively high quality examination bed is a flat bed for NK-T15 photography. The flat bed of this camera can be fitted with ball tube and beam limiting device. Four-way floating photographic bed is an improvement of NK-T15 photographic flat bed, its table can be rotated at will, electromagnetic locking control.
There are more than 5 kinds of medical examination bed. According to their own needs, choose and buy them.

six way floating radiology table


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