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Photography x ray table in Newheek

The medical x ray table photography is a device that can be moved and rotated for X-ray filming. Newheek has a regular film bed, divided into cassettes and without cassettes. There are three models of mobile type medical x ray table photography, namely NK-T1, NK-T2 and NK-T3. The difference is that the table top material is different. There are three kinds of materials: MDF, plexiglass and carbon fiber. The medical x ray table photography is a simple film bed, which is controlled by the foot brake. The NK-T15 photographic flat bed is a type of film bed with a column. Most of Newheek’s pet beds are of this type. This photographic flat bed can be fitted with a tube and a beam limiter. The four-way floating medical x ray table photography is an upgraded type of NK-T15 photography flat bed, and its table top can be rotated freely and electromagnetically locked.
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