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Philippines customer consultation photography flat bed

Today, Filipino customers saw our photography flat bed from Ali Wangwang and got in touch with us. After communication with the customer, I learned that the customer needs a flat bed for photography with a film box, which is used on the DRX light machine. This flat bed for photography with cassettes is exactly what the client wanted. The customer then asked about the packaging size. There are generally two ways to pack our photography flat bed: one is to pack the whole bed; the other is to unpack the bed. The packaging size of the latter is smaller, and we will pack it according to the needs of customers. The customer found 3 forwarders in China and asked us which one was closest to us, and we informed the customer. The customer also asked how many boxes would be used for packaging, and we informed the customer that we would use a corresponding size wooden box for packaging.
If you also want to buy a photography flat bed, please contact us, our phone number is +8617616362243!

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