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Pet Film Bed’s advantage

Veterinary equipment veterinary X ray table

The PET film bed is used to take pictures of pets, which is convenient for medical staff to operate and for the fixation of pets.
It is easy to take pictures of the pet’s limbs, head, chest, abdomen and bones.
At the same time, the pillars of our Veterinary x ray table and the bucky tray are integrated. The pillars move synchronously with the bucky tray to facilitate image reception when the pillars move.
At the same time, our bucky tray can be customized to different sizes according to customer requirements to meet the size requirements of different receiving imaging equipment. Our bucky tray size can be up to 17 “X17” at the maximum and 14 “X17” at the minimum.
The cart of the PET film bed can hold the cassette, CR and DR flat panel detectors.
If you are interested in Newheek’s PET film bed, please feel free to contact us.

Veterinary X ray table for small X ray machines


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