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Our Newheek veterinary X-ray table

The veterinary X-ray table produced by our Newheek is specifically for small animals. Many pet hospitals come to inquire about our veterinary X-ray table. There are also many types of veterinary X-ray tables. One of them will satisfy you. your requirements.
veterinary X-ray table features:
1. It can be used in conjunction with the animal portable X-ray machine and is suitable for all levels of pet hospitals.
2. X-ray photography can be performed on the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the pet when standing, lying and lying on its side.
4. The product can be used in large and medium-sized veterinary hospitals or X-ray exposure clinics, as well as in medical research institutions and medical schools for scientific research and teaching.
5. The equipment is equipped with a chip car, which can place CR, DR and IP boards of different sizes;
6. The bed surface can float in four directions and can be electromagnetic locked.

veterinary X-ray table


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