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Our medical x ray table in Newheek

Recently, there are more customers inquiring about medical x ray table. Now I will share with you the uses and types of medical x ray table.
The medical x ray table is also called a medical filming table, which is used in conjunction with an X-ray machine to perform X-ray inspection of human body parts. The combination of medical x ray table and x-ray machine can meet the requirements of medical institutions for X-ray film inspection to the greatest extent.
The material of medical x ray table is plexiglass, which has strong load-bearing capacity, low radiation absorption and convenient maintenance. The bed board is only 7.5cm away from the film, which reduces magnification distortion and greatly improves image quality.
The cassette of medical x ray table is easy to push and pull, suitable for various flat panel detectors ranging from 5″ x 7″ to 14″ x 17″, and can move flexibly along the bed. The mobile medical x ray table produced by our company can bear the weight of an adult. It is designed with four medical silent wheels and two of them have a braking function, which can meet the needs of the elderly and critically ill patients.



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