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Operating table or imaging bed?

When it comes to the technology for patient imaging, how do we choose not only the C-arm technology, but also the bed equipment used by the patient, involving a series of considerations from patient positioning to the type of procedure performed.
   If a specific position is required, it is best to use an operating table. Otherwise, they only need a flat imaging table. If they plan to use this room for open surgery, then an operating table with a variable top imaging display is preferred. On the other hand, it is also necessary to consider the workflow, time and comfort experienced by the doctor, and whether the surgical procedure is successfully completed.
  When the fixed table system is replaced with a movable bed, this function is very helpful to improve their work. Before moving the C-arm, this puts a lot of pressure on the operator’s back and shoulders. When the bed moves easily, it reduces the pressure on the doctor and makes the procedure itself faster and smoother.medical X-ray table


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