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Newheek’s veterinary x ray table for Animal.

Newheek has 4 models veterinary x ray tables, which can take pictures of animals and detect injured parts. At the same time, these veterinary x ray tables can be used in hospitals, clinics, experimental centers or schools.

Application of the veterinary X ray table

Among them, our four-way veterinary x ray table is the most popular in the market. Many customers have come to consult our veterinary x ray table, but also asked a few customers more concerns. First of all, can our veterinary x ray table be used with portable X-ray machine? This is OK. Customers can hang portable X-ray machines on our pillars. We will change some questions according to customers’ requirements.

Then what kind of way does our table move? This four-way veterinary x ray table is mainly controlled by foot switch. The veterinary x ray table can be easily moved by stepping on the foot brake after the power is turned on.

Finally, can we change the power plug? In many countries, three-wire plugs are different, so the power outlets used are different. Can we change the plug model? This is also possible, we can help customers change the power plug.

This veterinary x ray table is very easy to operate for animals.

How to choose a vet table

If you are interested in Newheek’s veterinary x ray table for animals, please feel free to contact us.


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