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Newheek X-ray simple veterinary table

Our X ray simple veterinary bed systems can be used with vet x-ray generator, radiator etc., for all levels of the vet hospital on the vet head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the standing position, lying position This product can be used for large and medium sized vet hospitals or clinic for x-ray photography, but also for medical research institutes and medical colleges and universities use of scientific research and teaching.

Use of vet table Fixed veterinary X ray table features
Newheek has many types of radiology tables, so how is it classified in Newheek? Simply talk about it!
According to the material of the radiology table, it can be divided into three types: plexiglass, fiberboard, and carbon fiber.
According to the structure of the radiology table, it can be divided into two types: simple cassette-free and cassette-based.
According to the functions of the radiology table, it can be divided into: simple radiology table, four-way floating radiology table, six-way floating radiology table.


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