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Newheek X-ray floating table for X-ray machine

Newheek X-ray floating table electrical can be matched with different radiography equipment, such as c arm, mobile X ray, uc-arm etc. It also can be used on vet x ray unit.

What is the control of the medical x ray table photography
X-ray floating table electrical is a machine tool that grinds the surface of a workpiece with abrasive tools and abrasives (such as grinding wheels, abrasive belts, oilstones, abrasives, etc.). It can process various surfaces such as planes, inner and outer cylinders. Face, conical surface and spiral surface. Through the grinding process, the shape and surface precision of the workpiece and the finish are as expected.

six way floating radiology table

At the same time, it can also be cut. Grinding machines can be divided into surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, tool grinders and various special grinders (such as thread grinders, gear grinders, spherical grinders, guide grinders, etc.), depending on the application and the process used. -ray floating table electrical Most used. Surface grinders are divided into four types: horizontal and vertical, rectangular and round.


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