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Newheek new six-way floating radiology table

Newheeek’s newly improved six-way floating radiology table is believed to be well understood by radiologists. This six-way floating radiology table can be used with X-ray generators, radiators, etc., and is suitable for Hospitals at all levels perform standing, lying, lateral, and kV photography of the head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the human body. This product can be used for X-ray photography in large and medium-sized hospitals, and can also be used for scientific research and teaching in medical research institutes and medical colleges.
The main advantages of this six-way floating radiology table are:
1. It can be used with multiple models for auxiliary use. The medical filming bed can be used with equipment such as sickle arm X-ray machine, and is mainly used to assist in fluoroscopy filming. The bed surface adopts plexiglass transparent surface, which is convenient to place the observation position.
2. The operation is simple and fast. The electric six-way floating technology is adopted, which can control the foot switch to complete the up/down, front, rear, left, and right position adjustment operations. When the power is off, the electromagnet irons firmly fix the bed surface, and the power can also be operated;
3. The medical mute wheel is adopted. Very suitable for the quiet environment of the hospital, reducing noise when moving
4. Braking device. The two wheels adopt a brake device. After being pushed to the proper position, the roller can be locked firmly by stepping on, and the bed will move during the placement of the film.
5. The bed surface material can be customized.

six-way floating radiology table


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