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Newheek medical x ray table

There are many kinds of Newheek X-ray machines, such as C-arm, U-arm, double-column, camera and mobile bedside machine. Today I’d like to introduce Newheek X ray machine of U-arm. We all know that the U-arm consists of many parts, mainly high-voltage generator, spherical tube, beam limiter, high-voltage cable, filter grids (optional) and mechanical parts. Today, I’d like to introduce the high voltage cable used on U-arm. Newheek currently has three manual beam limiters and one electric beam limiter, while the manual beam limiter L03 is commonly used on the U-arm.

What is the control of the medical x ray table photography
Let’s talk about the radiology table we have for U-arm. Because there is Bucky on the U-arm, the X-ray tables we configure for our customers are generally simple X-ray tables.
There are two kinds of multi-functional medical X-ray examination bed: pedal control and infrared induction control. The tape cassette can be placed up to 17 inches x 17 inches. The beam limiter and tube can rotate 180 to facilitate inspection of various parts of the body.


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