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Newheek medical x ray table for x ray machine

The Medical x ray table is used on X-ray machines. Traditional analog X-ray imaging systems use specialized photographic film as a medium to convert the passing X-rays into visible images. To accomplish this task, the film must undergo a chemical development process that can take several minutes, thus delaying the start of treatment for the patient. In addition, after the development process is complete, the medical team may find that the image needs to be re-ingested due to incorrect X-ray exposure.

What is the control of the medical x ray table photography

After the film processing is completed, it must be sent to the attending doctor and then stored in the patient’s medical file. In the hospital, the patient’s medical file may occupy a large number of storage cabinets. In addition, the chemicals used in the development process have a limited life span and must be carefully stored and must be destroyed once the life span is exceeded. If you use Direct Radiography (DR), all of these challenges are gone. Direct X-ray photography is a digital X-ray imaging technology that is gaining more and more adoption.


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