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Newheek medical x ray table for C-arm

The electrodiagnostic bed X-ray for the C-arm is a relatively high-end radiology station made by Newheek. Newheek Electric diagnostic bed X-rays are used for C-arms and work well. When orthopedic fluoroscopy is performed on a patient, the patient can lie on the table to obtain a perspective.
Brief introduction of Newheek Electric diagnostic bed X-ray for C-arm
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Property: Medical X-ray equipment and accessories
Brand Name: Newheek
Product Name: Electric Diagnostic Bed
Model: NK-T4 (PG-H)
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Surface material: plexiglass
Cassette tray: no
Moveable: Yes
Surface lock: foot switch
Workbench surface size: 2020 mm x 800 mm
Surface: 6 directions of movement
Electricity: Yes
Custom: Yes
Countertop load: 200 kg
Application: C-arm, UC arm, mobile X-ray
Function: X-ray radiology
White color


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