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Newheek another four-way floating radiology table

Newheek’s radiography tables are diverse and come in many varieties. There are two types of four-way floating radiology tables. The four-way floating radiology table with a column that was previously introduced can be used with the 500mA radiography X-ray machine. Today we introduce a Newheek four-way floating radiology table without a column:

Four-Way Floating Radiology Table can be used for all levels of the hospital on the human head, chest, abdomen, limbs, bones and other parts of the standing position, lying position, lateral photography, Kilovolt photography. This product can be used for Large and medium-sized hospitals or clinic for X-ray photography, but also for medical research institutes and medical colleges and universities use of scientific research and teaching.

Product Features
Applicable to ceiling suspension x ray, mobile x ray machines etc.

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